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The Only4U retail program is the perfect "landing point" of the Only4U project, capable of concretely giving shape to the concept of Destination Management Company.


The opening of the first product store in combination with a travel agency in Milan, in Santa Maria delle Grazie, allowed the creation of a real concept store, capable of selling travel proposals in Italy, through the promotion of some of the best Italian food and wine excellences.


The guest who enters Autentico can purchase unique products, taste, listen to stories, create events and travel across Italy, thanks to personalized proposals to discover the producers and their territories (I Viaggi Del Gusto).


The authentic experience of the territory thus becomes a tool for developing the productive fabric, enhancing territorial assets and involving the local network through development projects in tourism.

A journey through authentic products, people and territories, not a simple store. Inside every product: traditions, family recipes and supply chain give life to the excellence that makes our territory authentic.

The network of contacts created with international DMCs and prestigious Tour Operators allows Only4U to offer its Customer unique experiences both in discovering the most beautiful places in the world and traditional tourist destinations.

Autentico selects excellent products, 100% Italian, offering a wonderful journey through local flavors and aromas. A boutique of food and wine experiences by Only4u.

Enter an Authentic world. Buy excellent food and wine products, savor authentic flavors through our tastings,

Meet the producers and discover their secrets. Trust our concierge to enjoy unique experiences in the production areas.

Image by Max Nayman
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