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April 20th - May 4th

9 days, 7 nights in a double room

Jeddah, Al Ula, Tabuk, Riyadh.

Scheduled flights to Jeddah and return from Riyadh


The fee starts from €4,320

The price includes: international flights and domestic flights

Accommodation in a double room

Italian speaking guide

Visits, entrances and transfers, taxes.

Meals as scheduled



Welcome to Alula, a forgotten treasure suspended among the burning dunes of the Saudi desert. This thousand-year-old city with timeless charm offers a unique perspective on the history and natural beauty of Saudi Arabia. Let's discover together what makes Alula an unforgettable experience.

1. The Historic Heart of Alula: Madain Saleh

Start your journey by exploring the historic heart of Alula, Madain Saleh. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this archaeological site features extraordinary rock-cut tombs dating back to the Nabataean period. Admire the majesty of Qasr al-Farid, the last tomb of the site, and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of a place that tells stories of ancient civilizations.

2. The Alula Winter Festival: A Celebration of Saudi Culture

If you have the opportunity to visit Alula during the Winter Festival, prepare to be immersed in a feast of colours, sounds and flavours. The streets of Alula come alive with cultural shows, artistic events and local gastronomy. It is a unique opportunity to experience the vibrant Saudi culture.

3. The Alula Desert: A Lunar and Adventurous Landscape

Alula is surrounded by a desert landscape that seems to be from another planet. The golden sand dunes stretch endlessly, creating a surreal atmosphere. Take an off-road excursion to explore the surrounding desert and admire the spectacular sunset that paints the sky in warm hues.

4. The Alula Museum: A Journey into the Past and the Future

To gain a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the region, visit the Alula Museum. Explore interactive exhibits that tell the story of ancient civilizations and learn how Alula is balancing heritage preservation with modern development.

5. Dadan Gorge: A Hidden Natural Wonder

The Dadan Gorges offer a unique experience in the heart of the Saudi desert. This spectacular canyon is surrounded by walls of layered rock, creating a breathtaking landscape. Enjoy a refreshing walk along the river that runs through the gorges and admire the natural beauty of this hidden corner of Alula.


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