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Welcome to the lands of the Marche, where every spring a fascinating natural spectacle takes place: the flowering of lentils. A unique event that transforms the fields into a sea of colours, offering not only a visual spectacle but also an authentic gastronomic experience. Let's discover together the magic of this phenomenon in the Marche.

1. The Charm of Flowering: Colored Fields as Far as the Eye Can See

Every year, in spring, the fields of the Marche are tinged with a palette of colors while the lentils bloom. The delicate pink and purple blooms create a unique visual spectacle, transforming the countryside into a living painting. Plains, hills and valleys become a sea of colours, offering breathtaking views.

2. The Art of Traditional Agriculture: Growing Lentils in the Marche

The cultivation of lentils in the Marche is steeped in tradition and agricultural wisdom handed down from generation to generation. Local farmers work the land with ancient techniques, respecting natural cycles and preserving biodiversity. This sustainable practice is reflected in the quality of the final product.

3. The Scent of the Beginning of the Season: Spring Aromas in the Air

During the flowering of the lentils, the air is filled with delicate and fresh scents, announcing the beginning of the spring season. The mix of smells of earth, flowers and vegetation creates a unique atmosphere, enveloping visitors in a sensorial embrace.

4. Local Events and Festivals: Lentil Celebrations

Local communities in the Marche organize events and festivals to celebrate the flowering of lentils. Food festivals, farmers' markets and cultural events offer the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and savor the local delights prepared with freshly harvested lentils.

5. Food and wine itineraries: Taste of Marche Lentils

Marche lentils are known for their superior quality and unique flavor. Food and wine itineraries allow visitors to savor traditional dishes such as soups, stews and legume dishes, prepared with fresh local lentils. The region's restaurants and taverns offer an unforgettable culinary experience.

6. Responsible Tourism: Supporting Local Communities

Participating in the lentil blooms in the Marche is not only a way to admire the natural beauty of the region but also to support local communities. Purchasing local products, participating in events and exploring traditions contribute to the preservation of this traditional agricultural practice.


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