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FROM € 750 per person


The fee includes:  

Scheduled flight from Milan Malpensa

4* hotel with breakfast in a double room

Medical insurance and cancellation.

Classic tour excursion with visit to Topkapi Palace and the Basilica Cistern

Easter in Istanbul is a unique experience, a journey that blends the rich cultural tradition of the city with the magic of its historical places and the liveliness of Easter celebrations. Let's find out together what makes this party in magnificent Istanbul special.

1. Sultanahmet and the Hagia Sophia: Places of Devotion and History

Start your Easter journey by exploring the Sultanahmet neighborhood, where the Hagia Sophia stands tall with its imposing beauty. Take part in the Easter celebrations in this historic church, a testimony to centuries of history that unites Christianity and Islam.

2. Orthodox Churches: Religious Rites and Spiritual Atmosphere

Istanbul is home to numerous Orthodox churches, and during Easter, these places of worship fill with faithful for religious ceremonies. Attend an Orthodox liturgy and immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere of these ancient churches, such as the Church of St. George.

3. Taksim Square: Entertainment and Entertainment

Taksim Square, the beating heart of Istanbul, comes alive during the Easter holidays. Explore the lively streets, enjoy street performances and savor local delicacies from various street vendors. The festive atmosphere is contagious and makes Easter an occasion for shared joy.

4. Topkapi Palace: A Royal Easter between Treasures and Tradition

Visit the majestic Topkapi Palace, where Easter could transport you back in time. Explore the lush gardens and admire collections of royal treasures. During Easter, some areas of the palace may host cultural events and special exhibitions.

5. Bosphorus Cruise: An Easter with a Sea View

Enjoy a Bosphorus cruise during Easter for an unforgettable experience. See the city lights reflecting on the waters as you sail between Europe and Asia. Some companies offer special Easter cruises, complete with dinner and entertainment.

6. Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar: Easter Shopping between Colors and Aromas

For a unique Easter shopping experience, head to the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar. You will find vibrant colors, artisanal products and the enveloping scent of spices. Buy traditional souvenirs or unique Easter gifts to bring home a piece of Istanbul.

7. Hamam: Relaxation and Regeneration

End your Easter in Istanbul with a visit to a traditional Turkish hamam. Relax and regenerate with a wellness treatment, immersing yourself in the age-old culture of the Turkish baths. A perfect way to end Easter celebrations in an atmosphere of tranquility.


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