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Amalfi Coast D.O.C.: An Unforgettable 3-Day Trip

The Amalfi Coast enchants with its breathtaking landscapes, where the cliffs overlooking the sea intertwine with picturesque villages and lush vineyards, creating a scenario of incomparable beauty that leaves every visitor breathless.

Day 1: Exploration of Gragnano and Pompeii

Morning: Visit to the Pastificio dei Campi in Gragnano

  • Start your journey with a guided tour of the renowned Pastificio dei Campi in Gragnano. Here you will discover the secrets of high quality pasta production, with an overview of the history and techniques used to create one of the symbolic products of the Italian culinary tradition.

Afternoon: Tasting at the Bosco dei Medici Resort in Pompeii

  • After the visit to the pasta factory, transfer to Pompeii for a guided tour and tasting at the Bosco dei Medici Resort. This enchanting place offers a unique combination of history, culture and local flavours, allowing you to savor fine wines and typical products of the region.

Evening: Accommodation and relaxation

  • At the end of the tasting, check in at the Bosco dei Medici Resort. Here you can relax in your comfortable double room, enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the resort.

Day 2: Discovering Ischia

Morning: Ferry to Ischia

  • After a hearty breakfast, take the ferry from Naples to Ischia. The return ticket is included in the package, making the transfer convenient and stress-free.

Afternoon: Visit and tasting at the Aragonese Distillery

  • Once in Ischia, take part in a guided tour of the Aragonese Distillery. During your visit, you will be able to taste some of the best liqueurs produced on the island, immersing yourself in the flavors and traditions of this fascinating place.

Evening: Dinner with tasting menu

  • Return to Pompeii for an unforgettable dinner at the Armatore Cave. Enjoy a carefully prepared tasting menu, which highlights the authentic flavors of Campania cuisine. Note: Drinks are not included.

Day 3: Conclusion of the Trip

Morning: Relax and Check-out

  • Enjoy the morning at Bosco dei Medici Resort. You can choose to relax in the resort's gardens, take a stroll through the vineyards or visit additional nearby attractions.

Afternoon: Return Home

  • After checking out, end your trip with unforgettable memories of the wonders and flavors of the Amalfi Coast.

What the Package Includes:

  • Guided tour at the Pastificio dei Campi (Gragnano)

  • Guided tour and tasting at the Bosco dei Medici Resort (Pompeii)

  • Two nights' accommodation at the Bosco dei Medici Resort in a double room

  • Dinner with tasting menu at the Grotta di Armatore (drinks not included)

  • Return ticket for the ferry from Naples to Ischia

  • Visit with tasting at the Aragonese Distillery in Ischia

  • Medical/baggage insurance

This itinerary offers a perfect balance between cultural exploration, gastronomic experiences and moments of relaxation, allowing you to discover the best of the Amalfi Coast and its excellence. Have a good trip!


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