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Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Urgench


Starting from 1,964 per person


The fee includes:  

Scheduled flight from Milan Malpensa

Bus and train travel as scheduled

Visits and entrance fees

Italian speaking guides and meals as scheduled

4* hotel with breakfast in a double room

Medical insurance.

Welcome to the majestic Samarkand, an ancient city obedient to the rays of the sun and steeped in the history of the Silk Road. This pearl of Uzbekistan is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, full of architectural treasures, vibrant culture and a past that blends with the present. Let's discover together the treasures that make Samarkand a unique place in the world.

1. Registan: The Square of the Three Madrasas and the Heart of Samarkand

The Registan, declared a World Heritage Site, is the central square of Samarkand and is surrounded by three majestic madrasas (Islamic schools). Admire the grandeur of the Ulugbek Madrasa, the splendid Tilla-Kori Madrasa and the Sher-Dor Madrasa. The square is a riot of mosaics, glazed tiles and Moorish architecture.

2. Gur-e Amir: The Mausoleum of Tamerlane

The Gur-e Amir Mausoleum, the tomb of Tamerlane, is an architectural masterpiece. Admire the cobalt blue dome decorated with gold stars and the interior adorned with precious mosaics. This sacred place reflects the elegance and grandeur of Tamerlane's era.

3. Bibikhanum Mosque: A Masterpiece of Islamic Architecture

Built in the 15th century by order of Tamerlane for his wife, the Bibi Khanum Mosque is one of the largest of its kind. Admire its majestic facade, soaring minarets and internal courtyard, which exudes history and spirituality.

4. Shah-i-Zinda: The Living Necropolis

Shah-i-Zinda, or "Living King's King", is a complex of mausoleums and tombs, a sort of city of the dead that seems to come to life with the sunlight. The mausoleums are adorned with vibrant majolica and calligraphic inscriptions, creating a mystical and fascinating atmosphere.

5. Rukhobod Mausoleum: The Legend of the Prophet Daniel

The Rukhobod mausoleum is associated with the legend of the prophet Daniel. The complex is a place of pilgrimage where visitors go to seek blessings and spiritual protection.

6. Siab Market: Flavors, Colors and Traditions

Immerse yourself in the daily life of Samarkand at the Siab market, an explosion of colours, scents and flavours. Purchase local products, spices and artisanal souvenirs while interacting with the warm hospitality of the locals.

7. Observatory of Ulugbek: The Astronomical Legacy

Built by the great astronomer Ulugbek in the 15th century, the observatory is a symbol of the importance of science in ancient Samarkand. Admire the dial and immerse yourself in the astronomical knowledge that has thrived in this city.

8. Daniel Mausoleum: A Sacred and Spiritual Place

Daniel's mausoleum is considered a sacred site for Muslims, who believe the prophet Daniel is buried here. The white dome and decorated walls are a spiritual reminder and an opportunity for visitors to contemplate religious devotion.

9. Culminating Stage: The Harmony of the Past and the Present

Samarkand is more than a city of art; it is a bridge between the glorious past and the vibrant present. As you admire its architectural treasures, wander the lively streets and interact with the local population, discovering the harmony that pervades this unique city.


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