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Only4U was established in 2016 when its founders chose to share contacts and skills, the fruit of their respective entrepreneurial experience. In order to develop its project idea, Only4U has therefore promoted a series of activities aimed at developing a regional brand that is capable of generating a touristic identity and to be able to promote and market it worldwide.

The headquarter

Our headquarters are located within the enchanting medieval town of Rivalta, in the Piacenza province, just 30 minutes from Milan and less than an hour away from the main airports. The town of Rivalta is built around the medieval Castle, on the left bank of the Trebbia river in an enchanting valley that Hemingway called “the most beautiful in the world”.

The team

We are a team of dynamic and motivated people, united by the desire to promote an integrated growth process of the region. Many professionals also collaborate with us, who have chosen to join the team, and who are motivated by the desire to promote and make the region known throughout the world with all its wonderful landscapes, technology, culture and fine food and wine.

Fiorenzo Rizzi

Accounts Manager

Paolo Simonetto

Strategical Advisor

Enzo Bombacigno

Food & Beverage Manager

Francesca Vasini

Internationalisation and Training Manager

Salvatore Gattuso


Anna Salamone

Incoming and Sicily Events Manager

Mission & Vision